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Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Yoga programs for Corporate Wellness

Finding enough time to dedicate to your physical well being can sometimes be tricky given the stressful and hectic around-the-clock lifestyle of many corporate employees. Today, companies understand the value of a healthy work force and are ever more concerned for the well­-being of their employees. As such, bringing yoga into the workplace, where it is most needed, can bridge a gap between your work life and your personal life.

Workplace Yoga

You must be thinking what might be different about teaching yoga in companies than teaching yoga elsewhere. Niharika’s workplace yoga is a customized yoga class to help employees improve their physical and mental state of being, and deal with stress, challenges, and any difficulties they face at work.

Why Corporate Yoga?

Unlike many others, yoga practice needs minimal equipment, limited space and simple clothing. This wellness practice comes with much less demands and far more benefits.

Healthy = Productive

Happy employees who are full of energy are certainly going to be more productive and perform better. Practicing yoga on a routine basis is bound to bring down the numbers of stress-related sick occurrences and is expected to take the productivity graph higher.

Employee Friendly Culture

The employees will feel obliged towards a company that cares for their well-being and hence will keep their employer in a higher regard; this would propel an employee friendly culture.

Better Customer Service

Yoga would result in improved concentration, alertness and will enhance abilities of employees in facing demanding situations with a calm mind. This in turn would improve customer service by increasing problem – solving abilities of employees.

Enhanced Environment at workplace

With an improved outlook and a transformed attitude, the company will become a better place to work at.

Niharika has been a successful Corporate Yoga coach in Toronto, teaching at top Canadian companies such as Royal Bank of Canada, Accenture, PWC and SBI Canada to name a few. She believes in driving a healthy working culture across the world through her corporate yoga programs.


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