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Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Relax to Align your Body and Breath

health-restorativeRestorative Yoga brings relaxation to the body and mind. It is a classic style amongst other yoga forms and slackens the pace of a speedy lifestyle. Through restorative yoga, Niharika will help you bring positive restorative energies back to your body and calm you deep down.

Poses and movements

Gentle movements and keeping a steady pace define this style of yoga. Certain poses and postures are held in the same position for minutes to practice stillness. The prolonged holding of these poses is propelled by the use of props to achieve a deep level of relaxation and experience therapeutic energies.

Why do you need Restorative Yoga?

Your busy life is full of action, work and stress that causes various palpitations. Restorative Yoga will help you achieve peace and calmness that allow you to channel your inner potential better.

Escape into a soothing space – Inside

Restorative yoga is not tiring or body aching at all. In fact, it is like an escape from your exhaustive routine. It soothes your nervous system and renovates your inner grounds.

Know your inner self

Practicing this form of yoga will bring you in contact with your inner self. As you watch your breath, you become aware of your inner movements and explore your own hidden spaces. It triggers self-introspection, helps increase concentration power and improves presence of mind.

Feel Divine

Opening up your body through passive stretching makes you relax deep. And in that state of relaxation, you discover divinity – the connection with the pure and divine. As a trainer, she believes in making people transform into the best of themselves through yoga practices.