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Sports Yoga

Sports Yoga

Enhance your Strength and Flexibility

Despite the popular belief, sports yoga is not only for athletes – it is for everyone. It brings balance to your body and improves flexibility, mobility and strength. In HEY’s sports yoga classes, Niharika trains you to push your limits and make your body capable of staying at its peak for long.

It’s your turn now to make the best of yoga with specialized training from Niharika.

Sports Yoga Styles

With a blend of different asanas and styles, Niharika can help you perform at work, in sports, and with family. She attends to the personal requirements of her trainees and gives special attention to their problem areas with different yoga asanas. Niharika can help you focus on your strengths and overcome weaknesses; achieve positive results with precision and careful practice.

Why Sports Yoga?

Your mind and body are one. To train your body, you must train your mind and vice-versa. Sports Yoga enables you to exploit untapped energy and power within, and makes you feel empowered both physically and mentally.

Mobility and Defence against Sports Injuries

Sports yoga helps give you required flexibility and stamina to improve your performance at any kind of sport and simultaneously strengthens and increases flexibility in your muscles to help reduce injuries.

Bring Balance to your life

Sports yoga will strike a balance in all aspects of your life – You will feel a stronger connection between:

  • Your work and personal life
  • Your emotional and practical self
Push Your Limits

Only when we break out of our comfort zone, does our body perform the best. Niharika will help you in coming out of your cocoon and prepare yourself for a better, healthier and confident lifestyle.  Niharika is a seasoned athlete, having played varsity soccer, and competitive basketball and golf. She truly believes that Yoga can help athletes perform to their fullest potential and enhance focus and stamina. Niharika has also previously worked with patients at the Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto.

Get started with Niharika today and see yourself transform your body and mind!